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With over 68 years of history, Wipro Ferretto designs and manufactures a complete range of advanced solutions to meet the needs of every sector and application in the field of automated storage and retrieval systems and automatic storage systems for slabs and sheet metal.

The added value of the systems developed by Wipro Ferretto lies in their reliability, which stems from the company's ability to carry out the entire production process in-house: from the design of the storage system to the management software. The expertise of highly qualified technicians and the ability to customize each solution allow us to provide efficient, tailor-made, turnkey solutions for the different needs of our clients, guaranteeing safety for goods and operators, space optimization and maximum efficiency in the management of flows and products.

The service team, the state-of-the-art facilities in Pune, India, and Detroit, USA, and a strong network of partnerships also ensure that continuous and timely support is always available, anywhere in the world.

This is why today Wipro Ferretto is the first-choice supplier for many leading companies in the most important countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. 


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