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Cantina Produttori Valdobbiadene

Beverage – Cantina Sociale Vitivinicola

Flexibility moves into the warehouse
Cantina Produttori Valdobbiadene decided to improve its operations, focusing on automation and starting from the warehouse.


  • To provide the best storage solution in response to the installation of an additional production line and to the consequent increase in both incoming (bottling) and outgoing flows (finished product delivery).
  • To adapt production, material handling and storage requirements to the local landscape.
  • To optimise storage volumes and operational versatility in relation to company growth forecasts.
  • Automatic pallet racking system with multiple-depth storage, extending down to 14 metres underground.
  • Storage channels of various sizes, from 4 to 6 locations, and custom channels allowing storage of up to 12 pallets.
  • Two stacker cranes with battery-powered satellites for handling the pallets.
  • Handling system comprising five Fast Ring shuttles that link the four incoming/outgoing bays with the lifts downstream of the production lines.
  • Two lifts at the raw materials inlet (pallets of empty bottles) and at the finished product outlet.
Technical details:
  • WMS designed by Wipro Ferretto to interface with the enterprise software that manages production, so as to achieve the highest possible efficiency and productivity.
  • Constant connection between the storage system and the two bottling lines, increasing the number of possible interfaces compared to normal logistics facilities.
Added value:
  • The decision to build the storage system down to 14 metres underground, adjacent to the production area, has optimised space and improved management of operations in the bottling area, eliminating any logistics-related movements.
  • The versatility and operational capability of the solution designed and installed by Ferretto Group fully meets the customer’s requirements to offer the highest performance levels in terms of service and deliveries, and keep lead times down to 36 hours for shipments in the HoReCa segment.
Storage system facts and figures:
EPAL pallets in multiple-depth storage
Stacker cranes
battery-powered satellites
Fast Ring shuttles
Incoming pallets and outgoing pallets per hour

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