Distillerie Bonollo Umberto - Technological advances to increase quality and improve production systems

Client: Distillerie Bonollo Umberto
Sector: Grappa and spirits
Location: Veggiano (Padua, Italy)

New space to support business growth
Italian identity, quality and passion are the values that guide the Bonollo family which today, under the guidance of its fourth generation, stands out as a point of reference in the grappa market. Distillerie Bonollo is experiencing significant growth and following the ongoing increase in sales of bottled spirits and liqueurs its current space in the Mestrino packaging facility has become insufficient. This is why the company launched a project to create new space and structures. The project includes the Wipro Ferretto's innovative automatic pallet racking system equipped with an oxygen reduction fire-fighting system.



The progressive increase in volumes made the available space in the packaging plant insufficient (4,500 m2). This has significantly affected internal and external logistics (procurement and deliveries), with a negative impact on production and procurement planning. In addition, spirits are subject to excise duties and the company is therefore subject to the control of the Customs Agency: inventories are transmitted electronically on a daily basis and must be verifiable at all times. Order is crucial as is traceability. The Wipro Ferretto responded to these strict and specific needs with an automatic solution that covers an area of 3,000 square meters and features a multi-depth anti-seismic racking system. Thanks to its 22 meters in height, the racking system has a capacity of over 11,000 ULs handled by 3 cable satellite stacker cranes. Smooth handling operations and incoming/outgoing flows, both of raw materials and finished products, are ensured by a circuit of Fast Ring steering shuttles. The management of the storage system, which serves both the production and the shipping department, is entrusted to the Warehouse Management Software developed in-house by the Wipro Ferretto and integrated with Distillerie Bonollo Umberto's ERP.

The Wipro Ferretto designed the storage system to meet Bonollo's specific needs. The proposed solution guarantees some concrete advantages in the organization of the company's logistics: space optimization, which makes the most of the available area; integration with production processes, thanks to an in-depth study of flows; maximum safety, thanks to the implementation of an oxygen reduction fire-fighting system.

  • Optimization of space: The storage system makes the best use of the available space and improves the storage capacity according to the quantities involved. This is possible thanks to the dynamic depth mapping of the channels of the storage system central blocks
  • Integration with production processes: The position of outgoing raw materials and that of incoming finished products were optimized for the bottling lines
  • Self-supporting automatic storage system with a total surface area of 3,000 square meters for pallets serving both the production and the shipping department
  • Fully automated picking and placing of ULs through 3 cable satellite stacker cranes
  • Anti-seismic multi-depth racking on 8 load levels
  • A circuit with 6 Fast Ring steering shuttles for the handling of inbound and outbound flows of raw materials and finished products
Technical characteristics:
  • The channels of the storage system's central blocks can be dynamically mapped in depth in order to optimize the storage capacity depending on the characteristics of the products
  • The picking of unit loads from the shipment line was designed to be carried out from a ground level picking station that enables the pallets to be lifted from both sides (800 and 1,200) with an electric pallet truck, which guarantees faster shipping operations and greater flexibility
  • Given the type of goods stored, the storage system was designed with an oxygen reduction fire-fighting system
Added value:
  • Storage space optimization
  • Improved and faster order preparation process
  • Proper product storage conditions
The storage system in figures:
Gross area
3,040 m2
Unit loads:
UL dimensions (mm):
800 x 1,200 x H 1,600/1,900/2,000/2,600
Total storage capacity:
11,088 ULs
Shelving height (m):
22 m
Load levels:
Type and number of stacker cranes:
3 cable satellite stacker cranes

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