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Pantano Carni

Sector: Beef producer
Site: Arrè (Padova)

High performance for low temperature environments
Using the automatic solutions proposed by Wipro Ferretto, Pantano Carni, a leading beef producer, has optimised the storage of vacuum-sealed and frozen products, synchronising operations with order preparation.


  • Manage the storage of finished products, classifying the items according to type, lot, origin and source
  • Reduce storage space
  • Improve product traceability
  • Speed up warehouse loading/unloading procedures
  • Miniload automated storage system at a controlled temperature of -2°C, with plastic crates connecting production and shipping
  • 1 double mast stacker crane with combined belt handling system for loading/unloading to/from the peripherals, and forks for placing inside the storage system
  • Industrial racking with 4 positions depth-wise and 34 load levels
  • Automated pallet racking at a controlled temperature of -20° for the storage of frozen finished products
  • 1 stacker crane with satellite for moving the ULs
  • Industrial racking with 17 positions depth-wise and 4 load levels
  • Interface and management with WMS developed by Wipro Ferretto
Technical details:
  • Possibility of simultaneous management of up to 4 unit loads with different part numbers, positioning these individually in the exit bay, meaning faster order preparation and storage system reorganisation
  • Automated and suitably compartmentalised structures to ensure a working temperature of -2°C for the miniload ASRS and -20°C for the pallet racking
Added value:
  • Improved product traceability and storage
  • Optimisation of company production processes
  • Optimisation of order preparation
The storage systems in figures:
Miniload ASRS
Total surface area
900 m2
plastic crates
Overall capacity
4,512 crates
Load levels
Positions depth-wise
Type and number of stacker cranes
1 double mast stacker crane with combined belt/fork handling system
Storage system facts and figures
Pallet racking (UL Europallet 800x1200)
Total surface area
900 m²
Overall capacity
198 pallet spaces
Load levels
Positions depth-wise
Type & number of stacker cranes
1 mains powered stacker crane with satellite

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