Business sector: Dairy

Luogo: Verona - Italy

Wipro Ferretto technology for the new Parmalat warehouse
The relationship between Parmalat and Wipro Ferretto continues. Opening of a new structure in Zevio, adding to the existing warehouse built in the nineties.


  • To provide the best storage solution by creating a buffer zone in order to comply with the quarantine and control procedures for raw materials awaiting shipment.
  • To centralise logistics operations at a single production site.
  • Automatic pallet racking system connecting the production and the shipment departments for storage of UHT milk in bottles or cartons.
  • Two stacker cranes with forks with on-board operator cab.
  • Double-depth shelving with 7 staggered load levels.
  • Peripheral equipment comprising 4 conveyor lines, 2 inbound lines and 2 outbound lines for each stacker, supported in turn by 4 mezzanines.
  • Lighting system with LED luminaires to facilitate maintenance of the stacker crane rails.
Technical features
  • The entire stacker crane control electronics has been designed to be powered by a dedicated line, via UPS, so as ensure service continuity in the event of power outages.
  • The two stacker cranes are equipped with on-board cabs to allow operators to work at unit load level.
  • The busbars supplied with the stacker cranes have been installed with the power tracks facing downwards, to avoid power failures in the event of milk spillages.
  • All of the system electrical panels (stacker cranes and peripherals) are equipped with a CO2 fire extinguisher.
Added value:
  • Increased logistics efficiency thanks to centralisation of shipments.
  • Cost reductions due to unified logistics management at a single site, eliminating the cost of renting external storage spaces.
Storage system facts and figures:
Total surface area
Overall capacity
pallet spaces
Storage system height
Load levels

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