The Wipro Ferretto has built Bossong's new, fully automated logistics hub

Sector: Chemical resins manufacturer
Place: Bergamo - Italy

Bossong Spa, based in the province of Bergamo, is a leading manufacturer of chemical resins for the construction sector. Thanks to continuous investments in Research and Development, the company is now able to provide its customers with innovative solutions for both mechanical and chemical anchoring systems such as dowels, nails, and resins. Over the years, Bossong has expanded its customer base and currently distributes a wide range of products, all CE-ETA certified, both in Italy and abroad.

A new automated logistics hub to improve shipping
Following a significant increase in orders, Bossong decided to overhaul its warehouse logistics. In order to respond to the new demands, the company needed more production space and thus decided to create a separate storage area for the finished products ready to be shipped to end customers. However, the change in space came with a reorganization of the entire process. Before the new logistics hub was designed, the company stored finished products in vertical storage systems and traditional racking systems. Bossong was assisted by the Wipro Ferretto in its decision to shift to a dedicated storage building: the result is an underground automatic storage system installed at a depth of about 5 meters and featuring a picking system with 2 stacker cranes that assist the operators in charge with order preparation.


The new storage system is located 10 km from the production facility. The two stacker cranes that carry out pallet picking and placing assist the operators who prepare orders by picking the items from the pallets coming from the storage system on roller conveyors. The system was designed to ensure high performance. Once ready, orders are stored in the storage system until they are shipped to customers.

The new logistics hub has enabled Bossong to achieve its two main objectives:

  • to obtain more space for production
  • to improve order preparation processes.

In fact, the automatic system allows operators to plan and manage the products to be shipped more efficiently, minimizing errors and improving stock monitoring activities.

  • Expand production space to support business growth
  • Design a new automated logistics hub for finished products and shipping
  • Improve order preparation
  • Optimize space management and inventory control
  • Indoor automatic storage system for pallets, designed for the storage of finished products and orders ready for shipment
  • No. 2 fork stacker cranes
  • Single and double depth - shelving on 9 load levels
Value added:
  • More space for production and, therefore, more support for growth
  • Maximum automation of flows and activities within the structure
  • Increased safety for operators and goods
  • Fewer order preparation errors
  • Optimized inventory control
  • Increased efficiency in order preparation
The storage system in figures:
Unit load:
Europallet type 1: 1,800mm x 1,200mm x H = 1,200mm
Europallet type 2: 800mm x 1,200mm x H = 850mm
Load levels:
Type and number of stacker cranes:
2 fork stacker cranes

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