Handling shuttle Fast Ring

The shuttle that improves the management of automatic storage system flows

Fast ring, the Wipro Ferretto monorail shuttle, is a handling system that, when installed at the head of automatic storage systems, sorts the pallets to be fed into the automated storage and retrieval systems and vice versa. Each individual shuttle picks the pallets from the loading positions and returns them to the unloading or picking positions.


Each Fast Ring shuttle has its own electric panel that communicates with the ground station via radio frequency and, thanks to the use of an integrated system designed and manufactured by Wipro Ferretto, offers excellent performance by significantly improving the management of internal logistics.

  • Versatility in incoming and outgoing flows
  • Increase in incoming and outgoing flows
  • Adaptable to layout changes
  • Modular, easy increase in the number of shuttles with the consequent change in performance
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