Multi-depth AS/RS

The high-density storage system to maximize space

In addition to traditional stacker cranes for the storage of products on single or double depth static racking systems, the Wipro Ferretto also manufactures multi-depth automatic storage systems supported by shuttles, which facilitate the optimal use of space and very high storage density.


The shuttle storage system uses shuttles that store and pick up the load units autonomously.
This solution is able to store a large number of pallets on each level, optimizing all the available storage space.

The Wipro Ferretto's multi-depth automatic storage systems are managed by the Ejlog management software, specially developed to be easily integrated with different logistics solutions, including corporate information systems.

  • Goods to Man
  • Control of storage and flows
  • Optimization of space and efficiency
  • Reduction of operator risks
  • Improved management of stock
  • Elimination of errors
  • Versatile management of goods
  • Automated operations
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